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Brazilian Title: Enchaqueca

Year: 1970
Subject: Migraine

Quotes: "Sacks' suberb book first appeared in 1970, but this edition has now been rewritten and expanded, taking in recent developments from modes of treatment to chaos theory" - Observer

"To Sacks, a headache is a mine of treasures, a source of visions, a microcosm of human experience and suffering, the philosopher's stone... A remarkable achievement" - Ian McGilchrist, Sunday Telegraph

Sacks is certainly telling us something - and we should listen to him... This book pushes no panaceas, but its humanity may prove helpful in reconciling us to darker sides of ourselves" - Roy Porter, Sunday Times

* Note about Brazilian Edition: reprinted in 1997 by Companhia das Letras

See an extended glossary of the book by Mark Newbold.