1998: Brazilian Release of "Seeing Voices" by Companhia das Letras
November 28, 1997: Sacks in Science Friday:

A rebroadcast of our conversation with neurologist Oliver Sacks about "The Island of the Colorblind."

It's the day after Thanksgiving - and that means SciFri is serving up a second helping of some of your favorite programs! In March of this past year, we talked to neurologist Oliver Sacks about his travels to the Pacific islands of Micronesia. Sacks, widely known for his many previous books including "Awakenings," "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," and "An Anthropologist on Mars," is known for his ability to bring the inner workings of the human mind into sharp focus for a general audience.

In "The Island of the Colorblind," Sacks discusses his voyage to the island of Pingelap (a member of the Caroline Islands group, now part of the Republic of Micronesia), where a vast proportion of the population is completely colorblind. Sacks set up a clinic on Pingelap and interviewed residents, learning about life in a society of people with no sense of color. Then, Sacks travelled on to Guam, where he investigated a puzzling neurodegenerative disease known as Lytico-bodig, which causes paralysis and dementia.

On this segment of Science Friday, Ira Flatow talks to Dr. Sacks about his travels, about neurology, and about the mysteries of the human mind.

August-September: Oliver Sacks comes to Brasil, for official release of his new book.

July: New book - Island of Colorblind

March 7, 1997: Sacks in Science Friday. Subject: Search for Giant Squid.