Read an Article of James Lawley on Colorblind and Vision, based on "Anthropologist in Mars".

Medical Discourse: literature

Anne Hunsaker Hawkins focus on Awakenings to write her essay called "Oliver Sacks's Awakenings: Reshaping Clinical Discours", an interesting approach about the book structure.


Michael J. Gourlay wrote an essay about deaf based on an article written by Sacks called Mysteries of the Deaf published in 1986.


See Book Trauma and Dreams by Deirdre Barret
   " In this volume, Deirdre Barrett brings together the study of dreams and the psychology of trauma. She has called on a distinguished group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers--among them Rosalind Cartwright, Robert J. Lifton, and Oliver Sacks--to consider how trauma shapes dreaming and what the dreaming mind might reveal about trauma. The book focuses on catastrophic events, such as combat, political torture, natural disasters, and rape. The lasting effects of childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse or severe burns, on personality formation, the nature of memories of early trauma, and the development of defenses related to amnesia and dissociation are all considered."
    Taken from Harvard University Press Fall/Spring 1996 Books (Deirdre Barrett is Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a member of the faculty at Suffolk University)


"What is aphasia actually like - for those who have lost language, and those around them? What impact does it have on people's lives? Can the fearful communication gap somehow be bridged? Here is a book which addresses these questions and innumerable other related issues, with the most meticulous research and the most accessible descriptions. Talking About Aphasia will be equally valuable for professionals and patients alike - as well as the families, friends and therapists of those with aphasia." - Oliver Sacks
Quote about the book Talking about Aphasia - Living with loss of language after stroke - By Susie Parr, Sally Byng and Sue Gilpin with Chris Ireland